3 False Myth about Tarot

Lots of people still think of TRT like a thing to predict the future made by psychic or lunatic people, and something scary to avoid in case they are going to tell you something bad. It’s sad because this perception is not aligned with the potential that TRT actually is. Let’s go through the most common false myths about trt as Tarotpreneur Biddy Esselmont teaches in her school Biddy Tarot.

Myth#1 You have to be psychic to read tarot ( like reading people’s minds, see auras, talk with spirits). False: trt is tapping into your intuition, give time and space and prompts to make it happen so you can connect with your subconscious mind with the cards as a guide.

Myth#2 TRT will tell you the future – whatever comes out in the cards will be your future and that’s it. False. Trt can tell you more about your past and how this experiences were influencing you, it will tell you about the present to mirror the energies are coming into play now in your bodymindemotioncreativespiritual-self and then check if this energies are aligned with your values or not, if they are helping you to create your amazing future or not. And then in this sense yes is predicting a possible future outcome, but always having in mind that the future is in our hands! Trt shows you what is happening, can also inspire you to take creative options but it’s your actions that will create your future.

With better awareness you can make better choices, with better choices you’ll get better results.

Robin Sharma

Myth#3 TRT is mysterious and complex – you need to know by heart al the meanings of the cards of all the esoteric systems of the world + astrology, numerology, reiki, cabala, crystals, angels whatever. False. Of course if you are a professional depth of knowledge it’s always welcome, but everyone is able to sit in front of the symbols and archetypes of trt and being able to tell a story or make his own reading. This it’s the way I work with people a co-reading because it’s my customer connection with the cards more important then mine. It’s his story on the table not the story of the meaning of the cards! The trt coach is guiding you through the storytelling to help you find a story in alignment with your values and goals with a deeper help of your inner voice and wisdom.

So how does Tarot really work?

Trt works like a mirror and storyboard of your psyche as the symbols and images of the cards connect you to your inner reality, as well the traditional meaning of the cards can help you to make new association adding different perspectives to your inner storytelling. The ancient greeks called Hermeneutic the art of making question and by questioning coming to deeper levels of understanding. Tarot works the same, it allows you to answer questions inside of you to reach insight and new perspective to your difficulties. Why? Because you connect with your unique intuitive perspective.

Also a TRT reading it’s a sacred space, it’s a field of energy where everything that happens can be read as a synchronicity like in the family constellation therapy field. By paying special attention to yourself here and now, by setting the intention to find solution to an issue that is annoying you, by trigging on your subconscious mind you are also changing your energy field and aligning energetically to your best good. In this way trt helps you to take responsibility of your circumstances and understand you have the power, tools and resources ( or you can learn them) to overcome your problems. 

How can you use trt for?

Making choices – self exploration – practical question – creative endeavors -business planning – meditation and guided visualization – but mostly to reconnect with your true self and trust your inner wisdom, voice, intuition… so, Go! Go for it!

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