Expressing yourself is good for you



By Anaska Fischer – English Translation Kirsty Duffield

Even if you are not an “official artist” – writer, painter, sculptor, designer, photographer, dancer or professional musician – you are also a creative person.

We are all creative beings. — Maya Finnes 

You, me and the son of the neighbour, we all have the ability to awaken, train and use the staggering creative resources we have inside. In a certain way you are the choreographer of your life, the scriptwriter of your day to day and the sculptor of your reality. I will never tire of saying this to my Creative Coaching clients; life is our creative material and the time we have at our disposal in this human form is the canvas on which we have the privilege, responsibility and pleasure to express who we are. 

You are here to express yourself and to offer your particular gifts, because no one but you can offer your special symphony, your way of seeing things and your unique artistic contribution. And this is no small thing: expressing yourself is your true calling and creativity is the way.

When you learn to devote time and space to your creativity you are giving time and space to you. This means you will begin to listen to yourself more, to understand and look after yourself better, and start a chain reaction that will make you feel well and behave more naturally. Time dedicated to creativity is time for listening to your soul, for connecting with something other than your daily me. In this sacred space you have the chance to discover your mission in life, which is nothing more than an expression of your love and happiness.

Does this mean you are going to give up your day job and open a studio in Paris? (Who knows!) Though what it does certainly mean is that when you rediscover your creative state, even with the most modest changes, you are inviting serenity, curiosity, play, new ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm back into your life. You are inviting a cascade of positive emotions that will affect all the areas of your life in wonderful ways, because creativity is Energy – and good energy at that!

I am absolutely convinced that the expression of our creative spirit is vital for our well being and I feel fully supported in my views by many eminences who say the same thing. We take care of our intellectual, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being but – what about our creativity?

In yoga, creativity is a faculty linked to our sacral chakra (chakra of sexuality). To create is to give life and in order to give life you have to be open to passion, innovation, broken tabues or simply to the unknown. Playing with the word Creativity we can read it: creati – vity. Can you see how it is very close to the words create and vitality (vita, as in life). To create your life you will need to go back to an experience and sensation of fullness, and so we cannot simply abandon such powerful creative energy.

The expression of your creativity is simply the expression of your vital purpose. That unique something you have to offer the world (and I am referring to human qualities as opposed to a commercial brand); I am talking about your talents, your stories, your hopes and desires.

528043In practical terms, then: How do I begin to connect with my creativity? Where do I start? Earlier I spoke about «time and space» and I know from experience that the associated thought tends to be «I don’t have any of one or the other» hahaha! Here is where Kaizen comes into play, a Japanese philosophy, that has become a super powerful ally of Creative Coaching – (Japanese you say? What next!).

Kaizen is the philosophy of the small steps, micro daily improvements, a minimalist effort, that over time brings enormous benefits.

Your creative «space – time» is thereby broken down into 10’ and a notebook. Here is an exercise which will, if you follow it all week long, give you a taste of what it means to jump start your creative energy…

  • (Ideally first thing in the morning when you wake up, with a welcome coffee!) Set a timer on your mobile for 10 minutes and answer this question as fast as you can:

What new and fun things do I want to express today?

  • Write in one go. Try not to interrupt yourself, even if you think what you are writing is silly. When the alarm rings stop. Take a marker pen and underline the ideas that stand out. During the day try to accomplish 1 of them.
  • The following day repeat the same process all over again, and continue to do so every day until you have completed a full week of freewriting + Micro-adventures. In other words, with 70 minutes of accumulated creative writing and 7 actions you will have stimulated your creativity! It’s no small feat – they are pretty clever that Kaizen lot.

You may notice a certain wish keeps resurfacing in your writing, perhaps something you have left aside and stopped doing, or maybe you will get a hunch during the week when you are not writing.


Have a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If after 7 days the method is working, carry on, asking new questions about your creativity, as they arise. Or alternatively, dig deeper and try two 10 minute sessions, one after the other… Play with it, It really works!

I hope this post inspires you to try. If you’d like to work with me to tell me about your experience you can write to me via the form below. Hugs, Anaska


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