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Creativity is mysterious and magical by definition. And even more magic is the cat who sits on top of my keyboard the moment I begin to write. Is it a divine sign? Should I take it personally? The answer is most probably not. But, creativity is personal and its development always coincides with the expansion of our being. Furthermore, creativity is synonymous with development, growth and resources… because, as psychologists know well, when there is a lot of suffering, there is no creativity, and so the person’s suffering endures, due to their inability to connect with the creativity that inhabits them. What I want to say with this, is that creativity is not an ability reserved for artists, creatives, publicists and show people. Creativity is not a quality exclusive to a chosen few. It is, instead, a state of being at everyone’s disposal. And like any other state, creativity needs to be cultivated, attended to, nurtured and respected. In this post I want to look at our relationship with what used to be referred to as the Muse, summoning our personal angel for inspiration, which as Picasso famously said, would want to catch us at work…

What does this mean exactly? Creativity requires a certain mental disposition, habits, structure and dynamics that will attract it, along with the Muses, in the same way as we would attract a state of relaxation or sleep by taking specific actions that we know will lead us there.

However, in order to train this state of creativity, or as Orna Ross coined it, the state of creativism, what we are looking for is to awaken, not to go to sleep. We want to learn how to develop our mental freedom, our sense of fun and that originality and genius that we see in creative and successful minds all over the world. 

If we were to read their biographies, it would soon become apparent that their gifts, their muses, did not come to them all of a sudden. Rather, they earned their trust by demonstrating their commitment, their passion and dedication, and developing the ability to flow with change. The state of creativity, much more than a gift, is the ability to change our mentality, belief systems and habits and to learn to live outside the box, outside the repetitive self zone. Creativity is the ability to see the opportunity behind what seems to be a problem. For a creativist, problems are nothing more than – artistic material!


Now, your creativity may have been ignored, imprisoned and neglected, even abandoned, or perhaps you were told you were just not creative and you trusted that information. But believe me, the state of creativity continues to flow within you. It simply cannot be any other way, because you can’t exist outside of the universe and it is continuous creativity. The search for the state of creativity is much like the search for the state of enlightenment, it is a search for something that’s already there, but which we live separately from. This is why I don’t think of creativity as a skill that you have or don’t have. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – it’s a state you can awaken whenever you take the trouble to embark on this journey, something the Muses will thank you for, because they love action, change and anything unusual and new, and will enjoy laughing with you in the process. The Muses are naughty.estado-flujo-flow-productivdad-creatividad-trabajadora-empleo-recursos-humanos-getty-770x420

The creative state is one of curiosity, passion, courage, openness, awe, audacity, productivity and above all enthusiasm. Feeling enthusiasm is to feel drunk with the grace of the gods, and in this case it happens when the Muses line up with your purpose and you realise you cannot create alone, that creativity is always a state of co-creation with something else. If we use the language of myths, that mysterious something are the Muses, the Genies and the Daemons; if we were shamans we would talk about an ability to communicate with The Three Worlds and the telluric and celestial planes; In creative coaching we speak about how to use our brain, our minds and resources, as well as the vital creative material we are travelling through, and how to discover our own inner working tools.

image-assetIn the words of Joseph Campbell, we learn to “Follow our bliss”.

If these words have spoken to your heart and you would like to take a journey to your Creativity I would be delighted to travel with you as your creative coach. Get in touch! I am looking forward to co-creating with you. ( In Spanish, English or Italian) Ciao!

Silvia Anaska


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