4 ways to overcome creative block

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English translation by Kirsty blackcurrent@gmail.com

I cannot seem to get started – this is one of the most frequent confessions I hear in creative coaching sessions. There is desire, there are ideas – though perhaps too many and too confused – and there is ability, but resistance looms; that creative mythological beast that causes such infinite inner torment. 

They say a rocket consumes a good part of its fuel during take off, because leaving the ground (the known) and overcoming its inertia requires an enormous amount of energy. Maybe, for us to fly toward our creative space we too need to work out what type of fuel we are using, and determine if it is one that will help us fly or one that will drag us down. 

First of all we need to understand that we cannot overcome this inertia or resistance by mere self-determination, impatience and drive. All you will do is squander your energy. In order to start something, whatever you set out to do and however much experience you may have, you need to understand that starting is a learning process. You’ve never done it before! We learn best if we focus on the task at hand with curiosity and playfulness. Take on your beginner’s mind, acknowledge that yes, you will make mistakes, but that it will make it all the more interesting and stimulating. It will not paralyse you. 

Here are four new approaches I use in my Creative Coaching sessions that – ta dah! I also describe in my latest novel: The Totem of the Soul. These are four useful tips on how to befriend your creative resistance, which is the same thing as saying, your fears

  1. Start easy and it will be easy – To start with there is nothing else left to do but start. The secret to unlocking creativity is to start being creative. The trick is to start even when the results are nowhere near being the final piece of work. If for example you want to write, just sit down and write.
  2. Experience versus Result – the experience of having broken the inertia, even if the result is no Rembrandt, is what counts. Picasso said that inspiration always found him working. No one gets everything right the first time round. It’s the sum of these experiences that will create the result… and that is also creativity.
  3. Model yourself on other Artists – we learn by mimicking the behaviour of others. When we were little we copied our parents, teachers and classmates. From now on, model yourself on people who inspire you, who are productive, positive, unstoppable. Find out how they do it and make it yours!
  4. Make friends with Chaos – creativity is chaotic, it is unpredictable. It requires you to be impartial with duality, to juggler this and its polar opposite too. When something makes you feel uncomfortable, you will know you are on the right path. Everything you already know how to do, you know because once it was uncomfortable once… but through experience and practice… you learnt how to do it.6720-A_Little_Help_Here-732x549-Thumbnail

Now, I know it isn’t so easy to overcome inertia. If you need a bit more inspiration you will find tips and ideas to work with in my books ( Spanish only). And of course, if you like, I can be your coach and support you & help you express your potential, don’t leave us without your precious work! Creative Coaching –

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