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Reinvent yourself or Reinvent yourself… There is no other way!

Bloqueo-Creativo-1021x526I don’t know if this is happening to you too, but being locked inside is opening up inner worlds for me, just by the simple law of compensation. And also, aside from compensation, this is a time to reinvent ourselves. To reinvent ourselves in the midst of uncertainty – It’s like a Boot Camp! And as they say: you reap what you sow, so I am allowing myself to produce seeds of all kinds and many colours. I walk amongst ideas as if I were in an exotic spice market, full of hope, in awe of all the new scents and tastes, thinking about how I might mix them into my usual recipes. 

With my second morning coffee the brainstorming session begins to take on disturbingly improbable tones… I can hardly just throw seeds to the four winds, because I know that defining a target with precision is to sift the grain of the grass. Inspiration and originality or common sense and practicality? Is it a good idea or a false illusion? Is it a Eureka moment or mere self-deception? 

Everyone presumes the tree was concerned with the fruit, but it was really concerned with the seed. Nietzsche.

Here are three Creative Coaching tools to help you determine if your ideas are worthwhile pursuing: A Kinesiology test + The ROAD method + (optional) Tarot.

1) First write your ideas down on a post it, (jot down all the ideas you can think of on the subject you want to reinvent), and then we’ll use the kinesiological test with a pendulum. You can make yourself a pendulum at home with a key or a screw if you have one at hand. How do you use a pendulum? Think of something that matters to you and that you feel passionate about, and then observe the movement made by the pendulum. This will be the pendulum’s: OK. Now think about something you detest or that bores you and look at the pendulum’s movement. This will be your: NOT OK. Next step is to test all the post its. You may well be surprised to discover that an idea you thought was a good one is given a NOT OK.

In order to reinvent ourselves we must do it from a place of love and not from fear; because we won’t accept ideas that come from a place of fear. This is why we do the kinesiological test – our energy doesn’t lie. If the pendulum says not ok, there may well be a buried stress.

2) Now, you will take the OK post its on to phase two – the evaluation ROAD technique.image

R: Evaluate the RISKS and disadvantages that may arise along the way, while you apply your idea to your wish to reinvent yourself. Write your conclusion in keywords on the back of the post it.

O: Evaluate the OPPORTUNITIES and all the benefits you would enjoy if you achieved your goal. Write these down in keywords on the back side of the post it.

A: Assess your APTITUDES, resources, qualities and skills. Be realistic. Ask yourself: Why can I do this? What do I need to contribute to this idea? – Write this down too.

D: Rate your DEFECTS, also known as weak spots, all the gaps in information, character flaws, attitude… Consider how to relieve or improve on them (if it helps you grow, it’s a good thing. If it confuses you too much, then it isn’t being as helpful. If in doubt, ask the pendulum! – and then write these down on the back of a post it too.

3) The third method is to evaluate your seed-ideas by choosing a Tarot card for each of the following letters – R-O-A-D – using both Major and Minor Arcanas.

When your ROAD is made up of many Major Arcanas… it may denote an idea that has a much deeper significance to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea, but it does mean you should consider why you have had it and what it can teach you. The Major Acanas always carry weight.

For the minor arcanas, observe the suit and numbers. The PENTACLE is good if you want to reinvent yourself and make material changes. CUPS symbolise relationships, and can refer to clients, but also emotions, which you can choose to respond to or refrain from. WANDS are all about passion, fire, unconditional compromise, but also, if you get wands in the D of ROAD, can signify a tendency to throw yourself at something without reflecting first. SWORDS refer to thought, intense study and in terms of reinventing yourself, tend to point towards doubts, beliefs or the need to mull something over a bit longer. 

In relation to the numbers, when I use Tarot as a test, I read the major arcanas as a sign of how mature a project is. Whereas the minor arcanas will give me its energy level. How much mental energy (air, sword) is there? And in cups? Etc. Although Tarot is an optional tool, a ROAD test with arcanas can be extremely effective in discerning how much your ideas are worth pursuing.

As always, I hope it’s been useful and if you’d like to work on anything with me, please get in touch. We can work via Skype (this way you can record the session and go back over it anytime you like). (English, Spanish,Italian)Sin título


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